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Image Cropper

Crop image files online and for free. This image cropper allows you to crop your image in a custom way.  Resize, crop, compress, and add effects to your pictures, photos, and screenshots for free! Crop images online quickly and easily with the FriskyFix free photo, image cropper. Upload your picture, change the crop, and download your new images. 


Free Image Cropper - Crop Photos Online

An image cropper is a tool or software that allows you to select a portion of an image and remove or "crop" the unselected portion. This can be useful for a variety of purposes such as creating a specific aspect ratio for a photo, removing unwanted parts of an image, or creating a thumbnail of an image. Image croppers can be found in many photo editing software, as well as online tools (FriskyFix.Com).


Why should you use the image crop tool?

There are several reasons why you might use an image-cropping tool:

  1. Composition: By cropping an image, you can adjust the composition and focus on specific elements within the image. This can help to create a more visually appealing and balanced image.

  2. Aspect ratio: Cropping can be used to adjust the aspect ratio of an image to fit specific dimensions. This is useful for ensuring that an image will fit properly on a website or social media platform.

  3. Removing unwanted elements: Cropping can be used to remove unwanted elements from an image, such as a distracting background or an unwanted object.

  4. File size reduction: By cropping an image, you can reduce the overall file size of an image. This can be useful for reducing the amount of storage space an image takes up or for reducing the time it takes to upload an image to the internet.

  5. Improving the focal point: By cropping an image, you can focus on the main subject of the image, making the focal point more prominent and interesting.

Overall, cropping is a simple but powerful tool for adjusting the composition, and focus of an image, making it more visually appealing and suited for its intended purpose.


How do I crop an image online?

There are many online tools and websites that allow you to crop images without the need for any special software. Here is a general guide on how to crop an image using an online image editor:

  1. Go to our website for an online image cropper, such as FriskyFix.Com

  2. Click the "Choose an image" button and select the image you want to crop from your computer.

  3. Select ration as "Freeform".

  4. Use the crop tool to select the area of the image you want to keep by clicking and dragging the tool over the image. You can adjust the selection by clicking and dragging the edges of the selection.

  5. Once you have made your selection, you can use the handles to adjust the selection to your desired size and aspect ratio.

  6. Select the "Crop Image" tool from the toolbar.

  7. And downloading the image to your computer. Some online tools allow you to save the image directly to your cloud storage like google drive or dropbox.

Note: Some websites may have different interfaces but the basic steps are the same. Some websites also have the option to crop images with specific aspect ratios or resolutions, you can use that feature as well.